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  1. Nelson Par, PR Gaz, Inc.
    FamCor is not simply a group made up of consultants—I call them agents of transformation. Their style of guiding, coaching and training are from real-world knowledge. They dig deep for the problems, feed them to you straight and make you discover solutions that were not always visible from your vantage point. FamCor has helped put us on course for the future and has my whole team thinking in new ways to reach our vision as a company.

  2. Siu Ping Par, PR Gaz, Inc.
    We are a young company that came from humble beginnings and took off on a grand vision. FamCor is helping us identify the changes and paths necessary to fully realize our vision. I especially like the style of the FamCor team of immersing themselves with our operations to gain first-hand knowledge of our challenges. FamCor is uniquely qualified to help any company define its long-term strategy with an approach that guides the management team in the development, support, and implementation of the strategic plan, gets everyone on board and sees goals to fruition. They are specialists who bring into every engagement their industry knowledge, best practices, and real-world solutions.

  3. Vicky Sandidge, Bohol Bee Farm
    FAMCOR came at the right time as our Bohol Bee Farm and Franchise Corp was thinking about expanding our network of The Buzzz Cafe outlets outside of our Province of Bohol. Sir Nonoy and his team of excellent management consultants handheld our business as we embarked on this expansion journey. It began with mind setting and the synchronization of our team’s objectives towards achieving a common goal. FAMCOR professionalized our organization and introduced financial and control systems to prepare us for the task at hand. From 4 branches to what is now 19 branches in Bohol, Cebu and Iloilo FAMCOR has been with us and a part of us.

  4. Kenneth Kokseng, The Cowrie Group
    We approached Famcor many years back with the dream of expanding the business through franchising. Not only were we able to achieve this through professionalizing and setting our house in order, but also enabled & challenge the entire organization to aspire and become a better versions of ourselves. We are grateful for every moment they spend with us. The wealth of knowledge and experience that is shared are all invaluable to our success. We are excited to be part of the FAMCOR family as we continue to strive and look forward to a promising future ahead.

  5. Danny Ong, Treasure Island Industrial Corporation
    Famcor’s biggest impact on us would be having helped us set up a proper top management organizational structure so that the accountability and responsibility of each position is clear and defined. With this, business growth is faster and lesser conflicts among managers arise. They have helped us see the delineation between the BOD and Family Council, that both have very vital but different roles in the business and family. The Famcor Team is easy to work with, and they understand first your needs, then the dynamics of each family before they make their recommendation and proposal on where they can help. They also work with each family members and make sure the family has the buy-in on the proposed Family Constitution.

  6. Ed Escalona, Bread's Edge Corporation
    From the start and until now, Bread’s Edge Corporation has been under the guidance of Famcor Consultants. We were able to start with a high level of confidence because we were professionally assisted by the Famcor Team. We continue to operate, assured that Famcor cradles and nurtures the business through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

  7. Richard Lim, The Fortune Group
    Famcor helped us improve the way we think, analyze and face opportunities & challenges in a better perspective. Right now, everyone in The Fortune Group has been synergistically helping each other in achieving the goals of our companies. We gained the right knowledge and skills on how to evaluate our business units and departments to determine the profitability of our businesses, and to decide on the right solutions to challenges & opportunities by gathering inputs from our leaders/managers and employees being the frontliners in the business.

    Famcor has the heart and willingness to really help us improve our business not just in terms of profits but also in making our employees happy with us. They also taught us the importance of having a vision and mission for us to have a deeper understanding of our existence as a company.

    They are flexible, very easy to talk to and deal with.

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According to the Asian Institute of Management, the average life span of a family corporation is only 24 years. Only 3 out of 10 family firms survive after the first generation, while only 1 out of 10 is still around by the time the third generation comes of age.

A good number of family corporations have started to realize the impact of these facts and have made the major decision of avoiding the high probability of failure in bringing the business down to the third generation.

Famcor Franchise Management and Executive Development Corporation has made its mark as the only consulting firm specializing in CRAFTING THE STRATEGIC ROADMAP FOR THE (FAMILY) BUSINESS FOR SUCCESSION, PROFESSIONALIZATION, COMPETITIVENESS AND GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.

Below are some of our clients who have obliged to share their engagement with Famcor.