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Virgilio G. Espeleta
Mr. Virgilio G. Espeleta, MBM, CFE, Founder, President, and CEO of Famcor Franchise Management & Executive Development Corporation, in his pursuit of his passion for helping grow family corporations, set-up this consulting firm as an answer to offers from companies whom he had previous dealings with.

The completion of his Master’s Degree at Asian Institute of Management planted the seed of that passion. Since then, he has been dreaming of the opportunity to finally get this venture going.

“After more than 30 years in combined experience in the corporate, entrepreneurial ventures and dealing, managing and growing family businesses, I finally started in 2010 a Family Business Consulting group, with the core mission of:

Helping family-run corporations achieve their highest potential by crafting their strategic business growth roadmaps while sustaining family unity in phases of leadership and management transitions.

Not only in professionalizing and setting the right family-business governance system, our consulting group provides clients with a roadmap in crafting the family charter, guidance in deriving their strategic options or directions, then hand-hold them in the execution of plans.

Franchising, if applicable, becomes an easy option if clients want to expand, as we have proven to have grown franchise concepts ourselves or with our allied experts in developing the system, operationalizing and growing franchise business models.”

Incorporated in 2010, VGE first offered his services to companies who attempted to invite him to work with them. With the companies’ trust and confidence, referrals, and help through the network in the business circles, it did not take long before Famcor became known for their “advocacy”.

The same advocacy attracted a circle of like-minded friends who are experts and professionals – some teaching in prestigious management graduate schools, others retired but carrying with them 30-40 years of rich business and work-place wisdom.

Coping with the market growth and soundness of our niche advocacy, our company, Famcor Franchise Management and Development Corporation, has lined-up strategic programs that would elevate its status to the next level.

“With God as my guide, my family as my inspiration, service as my drive, my dream is to make this company an institution which has helped hundreds of families bond not just in blood or in business, but more importantly in trust and in faith. I, Virgilio “Nonoy” G. Espeleta, together with my Famcor Team, am at your service!”