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About Us

We help you answer the tough questions

  • How can we solve the family’s and the business’ burning issues together?
  • How do we approach ownership and what are our roles and contributions?
  • What is our family’s desired end-state?

We help you discover your family's anchor

  • What is our family legacy?
  • What family values should not be compromised?
  • What is our business for?

Could these be stopping your growth?

  • Growing family members divide leading to diminished wealth
  • Emotional issues and brewing conflicts
  • Family health
  • Dynamics influencing business performance

Our Mission

To help family corporations achieve their highest potential by crafting strategic growth roadmaps while sustaining family unity in phases of leadership and management transitions.

Founded in 2010, Famcor Franchise Management & Executive Development Corporation is a Management Consultancy group focused on professionalization and setting business governance systems, particularly for family-run businesses.

We believe in the importance of following through your plans. In addition to equipping family-run business organizations, the Famcor consultancy team is the pioneering consulting firm in the Visayas that specializes in long-term handholding programs that help family corporations reach their maximum potential. We believe that carefully crafted strategic plans should be coupled with gritty guidance on execution to ensure holistic success.

We are determined to understand your business from the inside-out. At the heart of Famcor’s service is our signature of immersive dialogues. This allows us to identify inhibitors of and opportunities for growth that are essential for the sustainability and longevity of your business. Our team is keen on gathering on-the-ground insights to come up with true-to-life diagnostics and relevant strategic plans.

We can help you take your next big step. Franchising becomes an easy option with proper diagnostics and business models in place. Let our adept team help develop and perfect your system and share it with like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in your product.

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Our Team

Our Advocacy

Apart from helping our clients reach their highest potential, the Famcor team is also involved in helping multiple organizations advocating for inclusive economic growth in the Visayas region.

Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our founder, VGE, currently sits as the CCCI’s President for 2019 where he is focused on connecting opportunities, growing businesses, and creating value for the organization’s 800+ members.

Department of Trade and Industry / GoNegosyo logo

Department of Trade and Industry / GoNegosyo

VGE championed the development of the program outline and modules of the Kapatid Mentor Me Program (KMMP) as the Lead Consultant of DTI. The modules he developed have been approved and are to be used in all regions nationwide that are covered by this program in cooperation with GoNegosyo and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management logo

Alumni Association of the Asian Institute of Management

Organizing multiple short courses in Cebu, the AAAIM moves in close partnership with Famcor to deliver productive and enlightening learning sessions to Cebu’s business community.